Hello, I'm Dustin!

Dustin Naylor - Owner/Voice Talent

Utah has been my home for as long as I can remember, and I cherish every moment in this beautiful place. In addition to being a devoted husband and father to two adorable little girls, I share my space with a lively pup and a charming bearded dragon.

My journey into the world of voiceovers began in childhood when I discovered my knack for acting as eccentrically as possible and creating unique voices. Any time dad took out the old video camera,  you could bet I'd be in front of it, showcasing every silly face and bizarre sound or voice I could conjure – earning me the affectionate title of "human sound-machine."

Over the years, I've participated in various performing groups, from drumline and choirs to solo performances on percussion instruments and the piano (I have a special fondness for the piano!). Many have described me as exceptionally "personable," and I wholeheartedly agree – you'll find that same warmth in my vocal performances.

I honed my voiceover skills with the fantastic team at UVT Talent, under the guidance of notable names such as Terry Daniel, Garnet Williams, and Gina Scarpa. My learning journey continues with these industry experts.

With numerous years spent behind the microphone in my cozy booth, I find immense joy in breathing life into scripts. Whether it's narrating a brand launch video or creating a myriad of voices for a new chapter in an audiobook, I embrace each opportunity with passion.

My approach to work is simple, and I strive to make your experience working with me one of the most enjoyable endeavors. Here's to creating exceptional audio together!